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The mysteries of Lord Jagannath Puri Temple

Do you know secrets of Shri Jagannath Puri temple? Read amazing story behind this temple!

The Hindu temple of Lord Jagannath, the form of Lord Vishnu is situated at Puri, in the state of Odisha (Orissa). Shri Jagannath Ratha (chariot) Yatra is the major festival at Puri commonly known as ‘Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra’. The others are Chandan and Snan Yatras. There are three Deities in this Puri temple, namely Lord Shrikrishna, Brother Balram and sister Subhadra are established, unlike stone or metal idols, usually found in most of the Hindu temples. They are made of wood and are ceremoniously replaced after the lapse of every twelve years. This Jagannath Puri Dham (pilgrimage places) temple is sacred for all the Hindus, more so for the Vaishnavas i.e. devotees of Lord Vishnu.
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There is a mysterious story related to Lord Shri Jagannath and about the faith of the devotees. Lord Krishna having accomplished mission in this world, decided to eliminate himself. The archer hit the Lord Krishna with an arrow injuring Him. So, Lord Krishna relinquished this material world. Having received this information, Pandavas searched for his body and cremated him. The whole body was burnt fully but the portion of heart kept on burning incessantly. The mortal remains were submerged into the river. The fuming heart remainder was left.
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The King Indradyumna found this remainder, who subsequently stored it into the idol of Lord Jagannath and installed it in the temple. No one till this day has ever seen or touched this remainder. Whenever icons are replaced after 12 years, officially power supply is terminated, the worshipers are blind-folded, and their hands are wrapped up with cloth to ensure that they neither could see nor feel the remainder and the Jagannath Puri idols are replaced in absolute darkness. It is believed that whoever, even inadvertently, happen to see, will die instantly as Lord Brahmadev entwined with immense lightning power, is present inside it.


The mystery of the remainder unburnt heart in the Jagannath idol is still unresolved. There are yet other events in Puri, causing sheer astonishment among eminent scientists. Some of the unknown Jagannath Puri temple facts are:

  • The flag on the Jagannath temple is furling in the opposite direction of the wind.
  • The Sudarshan Chakra on the top of the Shri Jagannath temple is visible from anywhere in Puri.
  • Usually the wind flows from sea towards land in day time and land to sea in night, but it is reverse in Puri.
  • No shadow of the Jagannath temple is visible in daytime although it is 224 meters high.
  • On entering the main entrance gate of this Jagannath temple, no sound of the sea is heard, while at every other place in Puri it is loudly heard.
  • The birds are usually found sitting on the top of the temples, but Jagannath temple is an exception.     

No one has been able to explain secrets and the mystery of Jagannath Puri Temple, they remain unresolved!

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The Rituals of Adhik Maas

Do you know what are the rituals that are carried out in Adhik Maas? Read more about Adik Maas!

Adhik Maas 

Date : 16th May – 13th June 2018

In order to reconcile the arithmetic difference in solar and lunar years, a concept of joining of extra month as Adhik maas to Chaitra to Ashwin (occasionally to Phalgun) months of Hindu Calendar was introduced by  ancient Hindu Scholars after the lapse of precisely every 32 months and 16 days. The month is also called as Purushottam maas named after the Lord Vishnu (Purushottam).
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The Sun travels through each Rashi (astrological sign) every month, but does not travel in Adhik maas, leading to the difference in their speed which causes, unhealthy change in environment. Hence holy rituals are carried out during this month to provide protection from the evil effects of environment.
The rituals are being followed as below.
  • A lamp is lighted near the deity during the month and gifted to a Brahmin at the end of the month.
  • The meals are taken once in a day, maintaining complete silence.
  • To consciously relinquish the things dear to one.
  • To worship Lord Krishna and the traditional deity of the family.
  • To carry out pilgrimage to have a dip in the holy river and worship the deity thereat.
  • The holy cow is worshipped and fed.
  • To perform holy duties towards Gods as much as possible.  
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What is Adhik Maas? What is the significance of Adhik Maas?

Do you know why we celebrate Adhik Maas? Read more about Adhik Maas!

Adhik Maas 
Date : 16th May – 13th June 2018

The festivals, rituals, prayers, marriages etc. in Hindu religions are celebrated as per lunar speed mentioned in Hindu calendar (Panchang). The lunar months are named after the full moon nakshtra of that specific month. The English calendar is based on the speed of the Sun. The variation in the orbiting speed of the Sun and the Moon leads to the difference of approximately 11 days in the Solar and the Lunar year.

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In order to reconcile this difference, an extra month was devised, precisely after every thirty two months and sixteen days in lunar month. Hence, Adhik maas comes after 27 to 35 lunar months between Chaitra to Ashwin months of Hindu Panchang.  Occasionally it may occurred, is repeated every nineteen years.
The Sun travels through a Rashi (astrological sign) every month but not in the month of this extra month, hence it is called Malmas. The sacred and auspicious festivities like inauguration of idol of God, commencement of construction of new house, house warming, thread ceremony, pilgrimage are prohibited in this additional month. As the Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu (Purushottam), is considered to be the master of this month, it is named as Purushottam Mass (Month). Hence Lord Krishna is worshiped, prayed to acquire peace, happiness and satisfaction.
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The married daughter and son-in-law are revered as Laxmi – Narayana in this month. The son-in-law is presented with sweets numbering 33 made from ghee and gifted decorated in silver or copper plate with a lightened lamp.
The worshiping, fasting, donating, holy pilgrimage etc. during Adhik maas would culminate into divine blessings!
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Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata

Read these unknown facts about Kurukshetra in Mahabharata!

The battle of Mahabharata was fought between Kauravasand Pandavas at Kurukshetra, in the divine presence of Lord Krishna. It was construed to be the fight of truth over falsehood. Obviously the truth prevailed.
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The Lord Krishna was on the side of Satya (truth) i.e. Pandavas to triumph over Asatya (untruth), the Kauravas. All the contemporary Kings, great fighters, and army of Lord were participating from Kauravasside. The Lord Krishna was riding as a driver (sarathi) of the chariot of Arjuna. The Arjuna was required to face the most powerful and capable fighters of opposition, loaded fully with major weapons and ammunition. The Krishna was the only driving force for Pandavas, but not actively participating in the battle. The war used to halt at sunset and restart at sunrise.
The fierce war commenced, as numerous deadly weapons were directed at each other to display one’s prowess. The belligerent were mercilessly attacking with full might. The Lord was instrumental in protecting Arjuna from the weapons and ammunition, by deftly riding and moving the chariot on the battlefield. One by one the enemies were getting eliminated with the help of Lord’s acumen and valor, courage of Arjuna. Ultimately Pandavas won the war with the grace of Lord Krishna.
At the sunset, whenever fight was to stop, Lord Krishna used to get down from the chariot and Arjuna was to step down later. But when the war came to an end, Lord suggested Arjuna to step down first. This baffled Arjuna, as this was not the practice earlier. Krishna got down and removed horses tied to the chariot. The moment both walked away some distance from the chariot, it burst and was engulfed in flames leaving all others in shock and surprise.

Arjuna asked the reason for such an incidence. The Lord Krishna explained that all the weapons directed on him could not harm him and were orbiting imperceptibly around the chariot due to HIS PRESENCE. The moment Lord Krishna left the reins of chariot the effect of all those weapons was visible.
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The same is truly applicable to the human being. As long as our reins are in the hands of the Lord, we live in peace, happiness, opulence and the moment he discards us, we get same fate as that of chariot.

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Which are 33 crore Gods in Hindu mythology?

Do you know Hindu religion has 33 crore Gods. Read about them!
Hinduism is dominant and oldest religion in the world. It is followed by majority population in India. There is a common belief widespread that Hindu culture has 33 koti or 33 crore Hindu Gods. What is the truth? Do Hinduism believe in 33 crore Gods? If YES, which are these?
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Hindu culture actually has 33 koti Gods. But the word ‘koti’ is often misinterpreted! Koti is widely used in both the languages, that is, Marathi and Sanskrit. In Marathi it means crore, and in Sanskrit, it means ‘category’. Sanskrit is the primary language of Hindu religion. Many Granthas (sacred texts), scripts, shlokas, mantras, and the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are written in the Sanskrit language by the great Hindu scholars. Later, these were translated into the respective languages for better understanding.
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The idea behind 33 categories of Gods is that the Supreme God gave different deities a responsibility to take charge of managing an entire universe. According to Vedas, these deities are, 12 Adityas, 11 Rudras, 8 Vasus, 1 Supreme ruler Indra, and 1 Prajapati. 
12 Adityas
1. Indra (Leader)
2. Aryaman (Integrity)
3. Anshuman (Sharing)
4. Twashtar (Crafting)
5. Dhatri (Rituals skills)
6. Parjanya (authority of words)
7. Pushan/Ravi (success and wealth)
8. Bhaag (due inheritance)
9. Mitra (Friendship)
10. Varun (Fate)
11. Surya (social)
12. Vaman (cosmic rule)
11 Rudras
1. Manu
2. Manyu
3. Mahat
4. Shiv
5. Rutudhwaja
6. Manihas
7. Umrateras
8. Kaal
9. Vamdev
10. Bhav
11. Dhrut – Dhwaj
8 Vasus
1. Aap
2. Dhruva
3. Soma
4. Dhar
5. Anil
6. Anal
7. Pratyush
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What is Panchamrut? What are its benefits?

What is Panchamrut? Read amazing facts about Panchamrut!

Whenever a religious/devotional ceremony is carried out at home or in a temple there is a custom to distribute acquous material  as a blessings of the God to the devotees present thereat. This material is termed as “Panchamrut”.
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‘Panch’ means five and ‘Amrut’ means sacred liquid. Panchamrut is the mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. In the process of puja the idol of God is bathed with this Panchamrut. The Panchamrut is considered to be having medicinal values in treatment of some ailments.
Panchamrut is at the same time has spiritual bearing also as mentioned below!
The milk the basic ingredient, represents purity, meaning one’s life should pure sans blots.
The quality of curd is to make others like itself, thereby making qualitative change in others.
The ghee represents attachment and love as it is greasy material.
The honey is sweet and full of  strength representing physical and mental strength.
The sugar is sweetest ingredient. It indicates one should be sweet in talking and behavior spreading sweetness all around.  
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The consumption of Panchamrut makes the body strong and help in prevention and curing of  ailments. It helps in rejuvenating the skin.

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Gurumahatmya (Importance of Guru)

Do you know what is Gurumahatmya? Read importance of having Guru in Hinduism!

Every living being born on this earth craves for mukti (redemption). In Hinduism, Moksha or Mukti means freedom from the materialistic world and the cycle of death and rebirth. Hence, acquiring Mukti is an ultimate goal of every human being. This journey for Mukti is not easy and one has to pass through difficult phases to overcome virtuousness. Here The Guru plays an important role in showing the path.  In this world, if we wish to find an unknown destination, we seek help from somebody to reach the destination. Similarly Guru offers guidance on this eternal path. The Guru directs, accompanies us and entrusts safe journey to the goal. The Guru and The God are equally revered and honored. The Guru is the representative of God to enlighten the human race on the Earth. ‘Gu’ means darkness  and ‘Ru’ means removal, thus ‘Guru’ means one who helps in eliminating darkness in one’s life.  Guru imparts essential knowledge to sanctify the person to enable him to achieve the much desired goal.
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In our Indian culture, Guru – Shishya (Teacher – Student) tradition is old. The Guru has attained special importance, even prior to God. Some of the great Hindu Gurus include Sage Vyasa, Adi Shankaracharya etc. They have contributed immensely in rejuvenating Hindu culture. One has to relinquish selfish and derogatory attitude / behavior in search of true Guru.  Once the Guru is found, surrender completely with full dedication to obtain his eternal blessings.
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On yielding entirely to Guru, he takes charge of disciple’s welfare and provides him with suitable mantra necessary for his spiritual upliftment. Consistent chanting of Guru Mantras help in cleansing of mind. Evil thoughts are eliminated to improve the stability of mind, concentration and to enable him to digest knowledge. The Guru   will remove the ensuing hurdles, difficulties on the right path.

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः ।
गुरुसाक्षातपरंब्रह्म, तस्मैश्रीगुरवेनमः।
This Guru mantra is very effective and has an eternal spiritual meaning. Guru represents Lord Bramha (creation), Lord Vishnu (preservation), and Lord Shiva (transformation or destruction). Obeisance to such a Guru who imparts knowledge, maintains it and destroys the ignorance of the mind, will certainly enlighten the disciples to follow the path successfully. ‘Guru Purnima’ is thus celebrated to revere all the Gurus.
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How to celebrate birthday as per Hindu religion

Read below to know how to celebrate birthday as per Hindu culture!

Celebrating one’s birthday is a momentous event of life. Some take the birthday as any other usual day. But it has significance in Hindureligion? It should be commemorative. With each birthday one, not only gets year older, but needs to get mature. This day gives you a chance to introspect yourself and look into the past. If you have committed mistakes in your past, ensure to avoid repeating them in future.
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On your birthday, get up early in the morning, take abhyangasnaan (an early morning bath) and wear new clothes. If you do not have new clothes, clad in clean and neat ones. This would have a strong impact on your mind and infuse confidence in your personality. Pay obeisance at the place of worship in your house and bow down to pray the God with dedication. You can chant regular mantras and shlokas. Spend some time in meditation.

The parents and elders in the family are to be greeted by bowing down and touching their feet. Pray to your ancestors and take blessings from them. These blessings are certainly going to pave way for achieving success in your life!  The mother (or any senior lady) will be performing Aukshawan (a kind of Puja, offered to living humane in place of God) for your long life and getting everything best in life. The Akshata (rice with kumkum) is put on the forehead three times. These Akshatas (Akshata – indestructible) are blessings that will carry Chaitanya waves (cosmic intelligence) that will help you in your life ahead.
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 You must make some resolution (constructive ideas) on this auspicious day and vow to fulfill it. Resolutions must be for the development our culture further and leading to welfare of the family and society.

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The reason behind Kaali Mata putting her feet on Lord Shiva

Do you know why Goddess Kaali put her feet on Lord Shiva? Read the story behind this!

We often have seen many images that show Lord Shiva under the feet of Kaali Mata. Is there any reason behind this?  YES!
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There was once a demon called Raktabija (Rakta – blood, bija – seed). This demon got this specific name because he was granted a boon by Lord Bramha. The boon could make him multiply with every   drop of blood falling on the ground. Thus, he would get more power and strength. Owing to this he became invincible. The Gods were unable to beat Raktabija in direct fight. All the Asuras (demons) including Raktabija had threatened the Universe. Raktabija along with his associate demons   with all their weapons waged a war against Gods to establish their authority over the Universe. The Gods battled vociferously but failed to win. Having frustrated, Goddess Kaali was requested to intervene as it was felt that only she could overcome such a demon. Goddess Kali was an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

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Goddess Kaali initiated vehement fight with Asura Raktabija. Every time Goddess Kaali inflicted injury, drop of his blood falling on the ground would multiply him and strengthen him. This continued further for several times. Thus he was getting stronger and stronger. Observing this, Goddess Kaali’s face turned red hot out of anger. She went to Raktabija and drank all the blood that came from his body without allowing it to fall on the ground. This made Raktabija loose his power making him weaker. The Goddess finally killed him.

The demon Raktabija’s blood which Kaali Mata drank made her ferocious. Due to this, she started to dance, a dance of destruction and victory. She was so furious that she forgot that her mission of killing the demon was accomplished. She continued to dance. As it was felt that Shiva only could control Kaali Mata, Gods requested Lord to calm down Mata. 

Lord Shiva went to the place where Goddess Kaali was dancing. He approached Kaali Mata and tried to console her. But she did not comply. She continued her furious dance. Lord Shiva rolled on the ground. Kaali Mata during dancing, came in the vicinity of Lord Shiva. Unknowingly, she kept her foot on Lord Shiva! Instantly Kaali Mata became conscious & calmed down. She was highly embarrassed and offered apologies to Lord Shiva as she could not recognize her own husband in the fury. Thus Lord Shiva prevented the destruction and saved the universe. 

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How to keep away or remove the negative energy from our house?

Read this to remove the negativity from your house!

Negative powers or energies are not visible. But if they exist, one can feel those negative vibes. These are powerful and are capable to make you and your family face their effects adversely. Severe health problems, fluctuations in expenses, family disputes and arguments with your spouse or with your boss are common consequences of such cynical strengths. So, one should stay away and should try to keep his/her family from such destructive powers. Our house is an extension of ourselves. So it is obvious that our house could absorb the negative vibes. To feel safe and secure, we must take special care of our home so that negative energies do not enter. To cleanse the existing negative energy, one can easily follow spiritual remedies that are mentioned in Ayurveda.
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One should get up early in the morning and clean their house. He/she should offer prayers to God immediately after taking bath. Put ghee in your diya and offer it to the temple at your house. Burning camphor after your puja is the finest way to purify the energy. In addition to this, meditationwill keep your mind and body in peace. One must offer kalash (copper container) full of water to the Tulsi plant (Basil plant) to cleanse the air. We know that Tulsi plant plays an important role in purifying the air. While pouring water into the plant it is desirable to chant the Vishnu stotra:
  नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नम:

After chanting this stotra, put some tulsi leaves in the remaining kalash water and sprinkle it into your house, especially to your main entrance door. This keeps away evil energy that is coming to your door and then to your house! Putting rangoli (an Indian art) in front of your main entrance of the house is likely to attract positive energy. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi along with other Gods is lured by all such divine activities.
These remedies are suggested by Ancient Saints. The house where there exists some sort of negative energy makes mentality of the members of that family evil. Such negative individuals always think negative before starting any work, which leads to mental stress and anger. Hence the remedies mentioned above keep away the negative thoughts and bring happiness and prosperity to such families.