Akshay Tritiya

Do you know why we celebrate Akshay Tritiya? Read to know more about this festival!


Date: 18th April 2018
Other Names: Akha Teej

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Akshay Tritiya is celebrated on third day of Vaishakh month, as per the Hindu calendar. The name itself signifies it to be indestructible. This day is considered as one of the, three and a half auspicious days, suggested in Shastras, that offers good luck in terms of investments, owning  a property, commencement of a new business, purchases of new vehicles, weddings  etc. It is believed that if one makes a beginning on this day, the success is guaranteed. The Gold, Silver and other jewels bought on this auspicious day, gets multiplied and remain permanently. The Lord Parashurama and Nara Narayana are supposed to have born on this day. In temples, special Havana (offerings with mantras in fire) are performed.

On this day, devotees get up early in the morning before Sunrise. They clean their houses and surroundings.  They greet and offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and chant Vishnu Sahasranaam. Some offer Puja and pray to their Kuldevata (Kula means clan and Devata means deity). People also pray their ancestors on this day and donate wheat, rice, milk to the needy people on behalf of their ancestors. This day has a special importance of donation. It is believed that, God blesses all those who donates anything.

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As Akshay Tritiya falls in the month of March or April (as per Gregorian calendar)  i.e. spring or summer season, the  devotees donate shoes, umbrellas, cooked rice mixed with curd, sugarcane juice or food items considered to be cool in nature, consumable in scorching heat of the  summer. It is also a practice to arrange for free drinking water service for thirsty ones. Various organizations arrange tree plantation events, invite people to plant different trees and request them to nurture these plants. Women gather in the evening to perform some religious formalities.

It is a common faith that if prayers offered to God with dedication, on this day, his/her Doshas (faults) are destroyed. We should pray God and seek their blessings. These blessings help us to overcome all sufferings of our life. On the occasion of Akshay Tritiya, the devotees must greet, revere and pray the God sincerely to protect ourselves from all the existing evils. Specific & special mantras are chanted for wellbeing and prosperity!