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Facts about Shiv temples in India

Read these amazing unknown facts about Shiv Temples in India!

In India, the land on which Lord Shiva’s temples are built is considered as a divine land. Do you know these Shiva temples are built in such a way that they lie between Kedarnath temple (North) to Rameshwaram temple(South) and are in a geographical straight line? Surprisingly, these templesare built in same geographical longitude. Wonder how our ancestors had used the techniques to build such temples, as in past there were no modern techniques and equipment available! The distance between Kedarnath temple and Rameshwaram temple is 2383 km. Do you want to know which these temples which are built in a straight line and are in between Kedarnath and Rameshwaram?

  • Kedarnath Temple (Uttarakhand)
  • Shri Kalhati Temple (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Kaleshwaram Temple (Telangana)
  • Ekambareshwar Temple (Tamil Nadu)
  • Nataraja Temple (Tamil Nadu)
  • Rameshwaram Temple (Tamil Nadu)
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About hundred years ago, British scientists had researched and introduced an imaginary line, which is called as trophic of cancer. In this research, they found that Ujjain city (Madhya Pradesh) falls on this trophic of cancer. Thus Ujjain is believed as one of the center points of the earth. Thus scientists regularly visit Ujjain to research and study about the sun and space. This city has one more miracle that everybody should know. The distance pattern from Ujjain city to the other remaining Maha Jyotirling (cities of devotional representation of Lord Shiva) temples in India is indeed an interesting one! All these distances are in three repetitive digits (example 777 kms, 111 kms etc) except Rameshwaram Temple where the distance is in four digit, however the distance figure still contains three repetitive digits at the end (1999 kms).

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Ujjain – Somnath Temple (777 km)
Ujjain – Onkareshwar Temple (111 km)
Ujjain – Bhimashankar Temple (666 km)
Ujjain – Kashi Vishwanath Temple (999 km)
Ujjain – Mallikarjun Temple (999 km)
Ujjain – Kedarnath Temple (888 km)
Ujjain – Triambakeshwar Temple (555 km)
Ujjain – Baijnath Temple (999 km)
Ujjain – Rameshwaram Temple (1999 km)
Ujjain – Ghrishneshwar Temple (555 km)

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