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Quick Ganesha Facts

Some quick facts about Ganesha!

Here are the unknown secrets about Lord Ganesha that you are not aware of! Read those secrets below.

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Go through below slides and read some interesting and unknown secrets about Ganesha! 

10 Unknown Facts about Ganesha

1.     Lord Ganesha is the actual writer of the great Mahabharata. It is believed that Sage Ved Vyasa who was the narrator, preferred Ganesha to be his transcriber as nobody in the cosmos had bravery to compose such gigantic task.
2.   Parvati’s friends Jaya and Vijaya asked Parvati to create Lord Ganesha. They had suggested this to Parvati because Nandi and others followed orders of Lord Shiva only, hence there must be someone who needed to follow Parvati too. Hence Parvati created Ganesha with her own hands.
3.   As per the Shivpuran, the body colour of Lord Ganesha is green and red.
4.   Lord Ganesha has a snake tied around his belly for a purpose. His stomach represents an entire universe whereas the snake represents the cosmic energy of the universe that holds the entire universe perfectly.
5.   According to Shivpuran, Lord Shiva had once attacked Surya Dev. Surya Dev’s father got angry and cursed him that the way he had harmed his son’s body, one day his son’s body would cut away as well.
6.   Once Tulsidevi was passing by the banks of river Ganges. Seeing Lord Ganesha there, she got attracted towards him. She proposed him to marry her. But he refused her proposal. Tulsidevi angrily cursed that Lord Ganesha would marry soon. Lord Ganesha, in exchange, cursed her to be a plant forever.
7.   According to Shivpuran, Lord Ganesha’s marriage was arranged with Riddhi and Siddhi. He had two sons by the name – Shetra and Laabh.
8.   According to Ganesh Puran, there are 8 Gana in Chand Puran namely – Magan, Nagan, yagan, jagan, bhagan, ragan, sagan and tagan. Alphabets are also known as Gana
9.   Lord Ganesha’s popularity is not only limited in Hinduism alone, but he is worshipped in Buddhism as a Buddhist god Vinayaka.
10. There is an ancient statue of Lord Ganesha in China portrayed as Elephant God dating back to AD 531. Lord Ganesha has unique regional elements and physical as well as spiritual characteristics in the countries like China, Japan and Tibet.
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