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Quick Ramayana Facts!

Some quick facts about Ramayana!

Here are the unknown secrets about an epic ‘Ramayana‘ that you are not aware of! Read those secrets below!

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Go throw below slides and read some interesting and unknown facts from Ramayana!

 10 Unknown Facts about Ramayana

1)      Laxman would have sneaked away from Indrajeet’s weapon but to respect the weapon, he faced it and got injured.
2)   Hanuman is eternal (alive) and attends Ram Katha wherever it is expressed in the country.
3)    Laxman Rekha (a line drawn by Laxman for Sita) is not referred in the Valmiki version of Ramayana.
4)      Laxman had killed three sons of Ravan – Meghnad, Prahast, Atikay.
5)      Bharat came to know about his father, king Dashrath’s death through his dreams.
6)      It took five days to build Ram Setu bridge.
7)      Sita in her childhood broke Shiv Dhanush (bow) already. That is why, king Janak arranged swayamwar to find equally strong and intelligent match for her.
8)      Vali had deafeated Ravan once in which he took Ravan in his tail and took him all around the world.
9)      Ravan was a great Veena player.
10)   It is being scientifically proved with evidence that a man made bridge between India and Sri Lanka exists.

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