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What is Adhyatma (Spirituality)? Facts about Adhyatma!

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What is Adhyatma?
Adhyatma (spirituality) cannot be defined in a single line. It is not just a religious process or performing meditation, but it can be collectively expressed as below
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Adhyatma is
  • To carry on the moral responsibility as a Human being as entrusted by the God.
  • ·Not basically related to the religion.
  • ·To respect the elders.
  • ·To have affection towards younger ones.
  • ·To behave in a manner not detrimental to or not to offend anybody.
  • ·To realise others’ grief, plight and pains.
  • ·To remain honest in all respect under all circumstances.
  • ·To  carry out social and family responsibilities.
  • ·To have same affection for all the living animals.
  • ·To work and serve selflessly.
  • ·To be always prepared to serve the society with utmost sincerity.
  • ·To assist & help the destitute and the needy ones.
  • ·To live simple, straight forward life with purity of thoughts and behaviour.

It is not concerned only with reverence, prayer and devotion but also to imbibe all those values in the one’s absolute behaviour!

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