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Do you know why most Hindus do not eat Onion and Garlic

Read this article to know why Hindus do not include Onion and Garlic in their diet!

We know that there are certain fixed principles in every religion. In Hinduism, there are also some set of strict rules to be followed. 
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As per Varna Vyavastha (Caste System in Hinduism), Brahmins are considered the religion experts and they usually work as Priests or Pundits. So it is obvious that to maintain the purity, they should not consume meat, but do you know what refrains them from eating onion and garlic? Brahmins are preachers of Hindu religion and majority of Hindus follow the strict guidelines set by Vedas and preached by Brahmins, so Hindus strictly follow vegetarianism. Brahmins perform pujas and so they are considered closest to the God. They never offer any food that contain onion and Garlic to God as Prasad. Hence Brahmins as well as majority of Hindu community maintain a certain diet called as ‘Sattvic Diet’.

There are 3 categories of food: Sattvic (Purest, Natural), Rajasic (Spicy, Pungent) and Tamasaic (Dark, Processed). As per Ayurveda, Sattvic foods are purest of all. They make our body clean and healthy, which leads to mental peace. To worship God, mental peace is very important. Onion and Garlic come under the other two categories, which are harmful and lead to anxiety and aggressiveness. So they strictly avoid consuming them. Also, they believe that they are grown in impure places.

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In Hinduism, killing is strictly prohibited. Onion and Garlic need to be cut down from the ground. Plus the cleaning process kills many minute microbes present in Onion & Garlic. Though ancient people never ate such foods, however this practise have changed today, as it is believed that onion and garlic are useful to body. Still most Hindus follow their strict regime of avoiding the consumption of onion and garlic and have found Ayurvedic substitutes which can help them to fulfill the dietary requirements equivalent to onion and garlic or the foods which contain similar nutrients like onion and garlic.