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How food helps in building our mind and body!

Do you know how food has impact on our mind and body? Read these amazing facts!

The world is comprised of people following various kinds of religions, languages and dynasties. There are number of varieties of food habits depending upon the cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits qualities, grown in the particular region from the earth and some acquired from the domestic animals like milk etc. Some human-races are habituated to consume non-vegetable food example by killing the animals, species from the forests or from the sea. Thus the food is categorized broadly as the one obtained from the cultivation and the other by killing the animals, birds and sea species, known as vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

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The vegetarian food is construed to be Sattvic (pure) food and the other as Rajasic and Tamasic. In Hindureligion, those following spiritual path are supposed to consume Sattvic food. It is strongly believed that this kind of food  helps in achieving the desired spiritual goals. This leads to general faith that food contributes in making of proper mind and body. It is pertinent to note that the food certainly makes body strong and active but at the same time it helps in building one’s mind too. The following would explain the matter.

The Sattvic food does not necessarily mean only vegetarian but also the one prepared by consistently remembering the all-mighty. It could be ascertained whether food changes one’s perspective by just taking Sattvicfood for some specified time. The result would be certainly affirmative. The food prepared in anger, desperation and aggrieved state of mind can not be termed Sattvic as vibrations of that state of mind would be mixed in the food and this food would affect the mind of the one consuming it.

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The food intake in the hotels would encourage one’s mind to only earn money  as the hoteliers mind is constantly busy in earning money by selling the food. The food prepared by our mother with all her love, attachment disseminated into it would increase love and affection in the family. Similarly, the food made in Temples, Gurudwaras as offering to the God, has a special effect, as it is prepared in that divine environment and distributed selflessly among devotees, inculcates divine values in them.

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Therefore, to imbibe high human values among the members of family, it is advised that the cooking place be neat, clean and the atmosphere in the kitchen be very conducive to inhaling the positive energy. The cooking personnel while cooking food at home are required to be in peaceful, happy, satisfied and enthusiastic frame of mind which would culminate into building a cheerful, delightful and gratifying family.

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