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How to celebrate birthday as per Hindu religion

Read below to know how to celebrate birthday as per Hindu culture!

Celebrating one’s birthday is a momentous event of life. Some take the birthday as any other usual day. But it has significance in Hindureligion? It should be commemorative. With each birthday one, not only gets year older, but needs to get mature. This day gives you a chance to introspect yourself and look into the past. If you have committed mistakes in your past, ensure to avoid repeating them in future.
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On your birthday, get up early in the morning, take abhyangasnaan (an early morning bath) and wear new clothes. If you do not have new clothes, clad in clean and neat ones. This would have a strong impact on your mind and infuse confidence in your personality. Pay obeisance at the place of worship in your house and bow down to pray the God with dedication. You can chant regular mantras and shlokas. Spend some time in meditation.

The parents and elders in the family are to be greeted by bowing down and touching their feet. Pray to your ancestors and take blessings from them. These blessings are certainly going to pave way for achieving success in your life!  The mother (or any senior lady) will be performing Aukshawan (a kind of Puja, offered to living humane in place of God) for your long life and getting everything best in life. The Akshata (rice with kumkum) is put on the forehead three times. These Akshatas (Akshata – indestructible) are blessings that will carry Chaitanya waves (cosmic intelligence) that will help you in your life ahead.
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 You must make some resolution (constructive ideas) on this auspicious day and vow to fulfill it. Resolutions must be for the development our culture further and leading to welfare of the family and society.