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How to keep away or remove the negative energy from our house?

Read this to remove the negativity from your house!

Negative powers or energies are not visible. But if they exist, one can feel those negative vibes. These are powerful and are capable to make you and your family face their effects adversely. Severe health problems, fluctuations in expenses, family disputes and arguments with your spouse or with your boss are common consequences of such cynical strengths. So, one should stay away and should try to keep his/her family from such destructive powers. Our house is an extension of ourselves. So it is obvious that our house could absorb the negative vibes. To feel safe and secure, we must take special care of our home so that negative energies do not enter. To cleanse the existing negative energy, one can easily follow spiritual remedies that are mentioned in Ayurveda.
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One should get up early in the morning and clean their house. He/she should offer prayers to God immediately after taking bath. Put ghee in your diya and offer it to the temple at your house. Burning camphor after your puja is the finest way to purify the energy. In addition to this, meditationwill keep your mind and body in peace. One must offer kalash (copper container) full of water to the Tulsi plant (Basil plant) to cleanse the air. We know that Tulsi plant plays an important role in purifying the air. While pouring water into the plant it is desirable to chant the Vishnu stotra:
  नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नम:

After chanting this stotra, put some tulsi leaves in the remaining kalash water and sprinkle it into your house, especially to your main entrance door. This keeps away evil energy that is coming to your door and then to your house! Putting rangoli (an Indian art) in front of your main entrance of the house is likely to attract positive energy. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi along with other Gods is lured by all such divine activities.
These remedies are suggested by Ancient Saints. The house where there exists some sort of negative energy makes mentality of the members of that family evil. Such negative individuals always think negative before starting any work, which leads to mental stress and anger. Hence the remedies mentioned above keep away the negative thoughts and bring happiness and prosperity to such families.