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Kurukshetra War of Mahabharata

Read these unknown facts about Kurukshetra in Mahabharata!

The battle of Mahabharata was fought between Kauravasand Pandavas at Kurukshetra, in the divine presence of Lord Krishna. It was construed to be the fight of truth over falsehood. Obviously the truth prevailed.
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The Lord Krishna was on the side of Satya (truth) i.e. Pandavas to triumph over Asatya (untruth), the Kauravas. All the contemporary Kings, great fighters, and army of Lord were participating from Kauravasside. The Lord Krishna was riding as a driver (sarathi) of the chariot of Arjuna. The Arjuna was required to face the most powerful and capable fighters of opposition, loaded fully with major weapons and ammunition. The Krishna was the only driving force for Pandavas, but not actively participating in the battle. The war used to halt at sunset and restart at sunrise.
The fierce war commenced, as numerous deadly weapons were directed at each other to display one’s prowess. The belligerent were mercilessly attacking with full might. The Lord was instrumental in protecting Arjuna from the weapons and ammunition, by deftly riding and moving the chariot on the battlefield. One by one the enemies were getting eliminated with the help of Lord’s acumen and valor, courage of Arjuna. Ultimately Pandavas won the war with the grace of Lord Krishna.
At the sunset, whenever fight was to stop, Lord Krishna used to get down from the chariot and Arjuna was to step down later. But when the war came to an end, Lord suggested Arjuna to step down first. This baffled Arjuna, as this was not the practice earlier. Krishna got down and removed horses tied to the chariot. The moment both walked away some distance from the chariot, it burst and was engulfed in flames leaving all others in shock and surprise.

Arjuna asked the reason for such an incidence. The Lord Krishna explained that all the weapons directed on him could not harm him and were orbiting imperceptibly around the chariot due to HIS PRESENCE. The moment Lord Krishna left the reins of chariot the effect of all those weapons was visible.
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The same is truly applicable to the human being. As long as our reins are in the hands of the Lord, we live in peace, happiness, opulence and the moment he discards us, we get same fate as that of chariot.