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Lord Narasimha – The incarnation of Lord Vishnu

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As promised by the God, to appear on the earth to save the mankind from the evils, the Narsimha Avatara (incarnation) is the fourth in the series of incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The demon King Hiranyaksha was killed by Lord Vishnu in Varaha Avatara. On hearing this, the brother of Hiranyaksha, King Hiranyakashapu got angry and ferocious and decided to avenge his brother’s death.


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The King Hiranyakashapu had the desire to have the power and authority over the Universe. To acquire prowess and power, he began penance on mount Mandarachala for several years. Satisfied with his intense penance, Lord Brahamadeva appeared  and blessed him with the boon that he would not be killed by human, God or demon with any weapon and could not be killed during the day/night and in the sky or on earth.

Having blessed, King Hiranyakashapu became invincible and resorted to revengeful incursions all over, spreading disaster. He was sure of his immortality. He became staunch opponent of Lord Vishnu and ensured to eliminate all devotees of Lord Vishnu.
The King Hiranyakashapu had four sons, the youngest being Prahlada. This son was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, used to chant his name continuously. This enraged King who tried every trick to ensure that his son stops worshiping Lord Vishnu. But Prahlada remained adamant and continued reciting Vishnu’s name. Whenever King tried to persuade, Prahlada would explain that Vishnu is almighty, protector of the Universe and would never forget the Lord.
The King now could not control his tempers and decided to extirpate Prahlada. He tried ruse like poisoning , throwing under the feet of elephant, left in the room filled with most venomous serpents,  tied to rock to throw into sea, put him on live pyre etc. but every time Prahlada escaped unhurt miraculously,  always enchanting Vishnu’s name. The King was perplexed as to how Prahlada remained alive in spite of his endeavor to eradicate him. He ultimately realized that Prahlada was truly protected by Lord Vishnu. Hence he finally decided to take on to the Lord himself directly.

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The enraged King, asked Prahlada whether Lord Vishnu protects him everywhere. Prahlada affirmed and told him that Lord is omni – present and shields his devotees all the time. The King pointed at the pillar and asked if Lord exists in it at the material time. Prahlada quipped “certainly”. The King hammered the pillar with full power which instantly crashed and Lord Narasimha appeared from within the broken pillar. The King began fighting with the Lord as usual.
The Lord Narasimha overpowered Hiranyakashapu and put him on his lap in the middle of door of the palace. The Lord tore apart his stomach with his big sharpened nails as the blood flew out of his body and killed Hiranyakashapu.  The Lord grew in fierce anger, screamed intensely with the furious face, as no one dared to intervene. Prahlada as a gentle devotee could only pacify the Lord.  The Lord instantly calmed down and picked up his devotee Prahlad with all his blessings.
 The Lord Vishnu respecting the boon of Lord Brahmadeva killed the supposedly invincible demon King Hiranyakashapu. The incarnation of Narasimha was neither a human, God or demon but was part lion and part man. The moment was twilight hour that is, neither day nor night. The place of killing was in the middle of a door frame meaning neither inside nor outside of the palace. It was neither sky and nor on the earth. He did not use nay weapon or instrument to kill the demon. Thus Lord Narasimha was incarnated in a manner to fulfill all the conditions of the boon and killed the demon to save his dearest devotee Prahlada.

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