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Planets and their effects on mankind

Do you know planets have effects on human beings? Read about these effects!

The stars and planets have their effects on every living organism. Their movement around the Sun has an influence on the living organism. Thus, this movement has direct impact on every living human bring in the entire universe. These planetary positions decide personality, behavior etc. of every person. These planets have movements in all the 12 astrological signs. These stars and planets tend to make some of the incidents occur in the life of human beings. Those incidents could be good or bad, depending upon the nature and position of that planet with respect to the sun. Thus we say, the life of human being is astrologically affected by his or her respective planets.

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The Sun (Ravi) – The sun is the king of all the planets. All the planets revolve around him. The sun is a sign of man’s happiness. In Hindu religion, we respect and worship it. Hence, the sun entering a particular astrological sign makes that respective person happy, honest and fearless.

The Moon (Chandra) – The mind is connected to the movement of the moon.  He causes mental stress and gives thought-provoking ideas to the human mind. Thus the moon rules over brain and other parts of the body like abdomen etc. The position of moon signifies the wealth a person owns.

Mars (Mangal) – This planet is one of the powerful planets of all. This planet tells you if a person who is going through Mangal dasha (having Mars in his kundalini), have faced any criminal records, jail in his life or whether the person is going to face it in future. The person having Mangal in his Rashi might suffer from Haemorrhagic.

Mercury (Budh) – This planet is neutral in nature. It is intelligent and gives a person great intellectual abilities and mathematical knowledge. Mercury is also connected to the health of lungs, intestines, and tongue. So if you face any of these problems, it is because of mercury!

Jupiter (Guru) – This planet gives you happiness and satisfaction. It blesses you the power of intelligence to study philosophy, Mathematics, Science and various other arts. Jupiter is the reason for your success and fame in life. But sometimes, it is responsible for your health, as you may suffer from the diseases like jaundice, diabetes due to Jupiter’s movement in your rashi.

Venus (Shukra) – This planet has an impact on your sex life. This planet also makes you an expert in your hobbies like singing, dancing etc. But Venus also puts you into the evil activities like prostitution, drugs addiction etc. Women facing problems related to menstrual cycle or men having semen disorders are likely because of Venus.

Saturn (Shani) – Egoistic, taking quick decisions, bad attitude, and perseverance are the qualities of a person who has Saturn in his rashi. Such person is likely to face depression. Heart attacks, asthma, paralysis, arthritis are common medical issues one can face because of movement of Saturn.

Rahu and Ketu – They are not considered as planets. But they do have an equal importance in astrology as the stars and planets. They are usually paired up together. Rahu and Ketu are sources of poisonous or toxic life. They are capable to bring depression to a person’s life as well as increases insensitivity of that person towards other human beings. Thus they are responsible for accidents, suicide etc. But if they are in good position in your rashi, they will not harm you. Instead, they bless you with money, success, and fame in abundance!