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The reason behind Kaali Mata putting her feet on Lord Shiva

Do you know why Goddess Kaali put her feet on Lord Shiva? Read the story behind this!

We often have seen many images that show Lord Shiva under the feet of Kaali Mata. Is there any reason behind this?  YES!
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There was once a demon called Raktabija (Rakta – blood, bija – seed). This demon got this specific name because he was granted a boon by Lord Bramha. The boon could make him multiply with every   drop of blood falling on the ground. Thus, he would get more power and strength. Owing to this he became invincible. The Gods were unable to beat Raktabija in direct fight. All the Asuras (demons) including Raktabija had threatened the Universe. Raktabija along with his associate demons   with all their weapons waged a war against Gods to establish their authority over the Universe. The Gods battled vociferously but failed to win. Having frustrated, Goddess Kaali was requested to intervene as it was felt that only she could overcome such a demon. Goddess Kali was an incarnation of Goddess Durga.

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Goddess Kaali initiated vehement fight with Asura Raktabija. Every time Goddess Kaali inflicted injury, drop of his blood falling on the ground would multiply him and strengthen him. This continued further for several times. Thus he was getting stronger and stronger. Observing this, Goddess Kaali’s face turned red hot out of anger. She went to Raktabija and drank all the blood that came from his body without allowing it to fall on the ground. This made Raktabija loose his power making him weaker. The Goddess finally killed him.

The demon Raktabija’s blood which Kaali Mata drank made her ferocious. Due to this, she started to dance, a dance of destruction and victory. She was so furious that she forgot that her mission of killing the demon was accomplished. She continued to dance. As it was felt that Shiva only could control Kaali Mata, Gods requested Lord to calm down Mata. 

Lord Shiva went to the place where Goddess Kaali was dancing. He approached Kaali Mata and tried to console her. But she did not comply. She continued her furious dance. Lord Shiva rolled on the ground. Kaali Mata during dancing, came in the vicinity of Lord Shiva. Unknowingly, she kept her foot on Lord Shiva! Instantly Kaali Mata became conscious & calmed down. She was highly embarrassed and offered apologies to Lord Shiva as she could not recognize her own husband in the fury. Thus Lord Shiva prevented the destruction and saved the universe.