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What is Navtapa or Nau Tapa?

Do you know what is Navtapa or Nau Tapa? Read more about it!

Nau Tapa : 25th May 2018 – 3rd June 2018
‘Nau’ means nine, ‘Tapa’ means hot. Nau Tapa (or Navtapa) is a phase of nine days in summer of extreme heat. During Nau Tapa, position of the sun is closest to the earth, resulting in more heat spreading on the earth. In Hinduism, the Sun is considered as one of the major deities. Thus, this movement of the Sun has astrological effects on some of the Rashis (astrological sign) that affects human beings too!
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Nau Tapa begins when the sun enters in the Rohini Nakshatra (lunar constellations). This year Nau Tapa commenced from 25th May 2018 and would end on 3rdJune. On 25th May, the Sun  entered the Rohini Nakshatra at 19:53 and will stay in that Nakshatra till 3rd June. Basically, the Moonis ruler of Rohini Nakshatra. The Moon is symbol of coldness, while the Sun symbolizes blaze and glory. Thus, when the Sun enters Rohini Nakshatra, takes its constellation under its influence, which results in emission of excessive heat.
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This movement of the sun could have good or evil effects on the respective Rashi (astrological sign) of people. The cummulative effects depends on the other houses in ones’s Kundali (an astrological birth chart). It is suggested to stay calm during this period. As temperature during Nau Tapa is on peak, one should take care on his/her health as heat waves can affect their health.  The sweltering heat leads to satisfactory rainy season ahead!
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