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Which are 33 crore Gods in Hindu mythology?

Do you know Hindu religion has 33 crore Gods. Read about them!
Hinduism is dominant and oldest religion in the world. It is followed by majority population in India. There is a common belief widespread that Hindu culture has 33 koti or 33 crore Hindu Gods. What is the truth? Do Hinduism believe in 33 crore Gods? If YES, which are these?
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Hindu culture actually has 33 koti Gods. But the word ‘koti’ is often misinterpreted! Koti is widely used in both the languages, that is, Marathi and Sanskrit. In Marathi it means crore, and in Sanskrit, it means ‘category’. Sanskrit is the primary language of Hindu religion. Many Granthas (sacred texts), scripts, shlokas, mantras, and the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are written in the Sanskrit language by the great Hindu scholars. Later, these were translated into the respective languages for better understanding.
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The idea behind 33 categories of Gods is that the Supreme God gave different deities a responsibility to take charge of managing an entire universe. According to Vedas, these deities are, 12 Adityas, 11 Rudras, 8 Vasus, 1 Supreme ruler Indra, and 1 Prajapati. 
12 Adityas
1. Indra (Leader)
2. Aryaman (Integrity)
3. Anshuman (Sharing)
4. Twashtar (Crafting)
5. Dhatri (Rituals skills)
6. Parjanya (authority of words)
7. Pushan/Ravi (success and wealth)
8. Bhaag (due inheritance)
9. Mitra (Friendship)
10. Varun (Fate)
11. Surya (social)
12. Vaman (cosmic rule)
11 Rudras
1. Manu
2. Manyu
3. Mahat
4. Shiv
5. Rutudhwaja
6. Manihas
7. Umrateras
8. Kaal
9. Vamdev
10. Bhav
11. Dhrut – Dhwaj
8 Vasus
1. Aap
2. Dhruva
3. Soma
4. Dhar
5. Anil
6. Anal
7. Pratyush