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What is Panchamrut? What are its benefits?

What is Panchamrut? Read amazing facts about Panchamrut!

Whenever a religious/devotional ceremony is carried out at home or in a temple there is a custom to distribute acquous material  as a blessings of the God to the devotees present thereat. This material is termed as “Panchamrut”.
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‘Panch’ means five and ‘Amrut’ means sacred liquid. Panchamrut is the mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. In the process of puja the idol of God is bathed with this Panchamrut. The Panchamrut is considered to be having medicinal values in treatment of some ailments.
Panchamrut is at the same time has spiritual bearing also as mentioned below!
The milk the basic ingredient, represents purity, meaning one’s life should pure sans blots.
The quality of curd is to make others like itself, thereby making qualitative change in others.
The ghee represents attachment and love as it is greasy material.
The honey is sweet and full of  strength representing physical and mental strength.
The sugar is sweetest ingredient. It indicates one should be sweet in talking and behavior spreading sweetness all around.  
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The consumption of Panchamrut makes the body strong and help in prevention and curing of  ailments. It helps in rejuvenating the skin.

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How to celebrate birthday as per Hindu religion

Read below to know how to celebrate birthday as per Hindu culture!

Celebrating one’s birthday is a momentous event of life. Some take the birthday as any other usual day. But it has significance in Hindureligion? It should be commemorative. With each birthday one, not only gets year older, but needs to get mature. This day gives you a chance to introspect yourself and look into the past. If you have committed mistakes in your past, ensure to avoid repeating them in future.
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On your birthday, get up early in the morning, take abhyangasnaan (an early morning bath) and wear new clothes. If you do not have new clothes, clad in clean and neat ones. This would have a strong impact on your mind and infuse confidence in your personality. Pay obeisance at the place of worship in your house and bow down to pray the God with dedication. You can chant regular mantras and shlokas. Spend some time in meditation.

The parents and elders in the family are to be greeted by bowing down and touching their feet. Pray to your ancestors and take blessings from them. These blessings are certainly going to pave way for achieving success in your life!  The mother (or any senior lady) will be performing Aukshawan (a kind of Puja, offered to living humane in place of God) for your long life and getting everything best in life. The Akshata (rice with kumkum) is put on the forehead three times. These Akshatas (Akshata – indestructible) are blessings that will carry Chaitanya waves (cosmic intelligence) that will help you in your life ahead.
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 You must make some resolution (constructive ideas) on this auspicious day and vow to fulfill it. Resolutions must be for the development our culture further and leading to welfare of the family and society.

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Things you were doing wrong while following Hindu rituals!

Rituals are important part of any religion. Read some interesting facts about Hindu Rituals!

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While placing in front of God, Why one shouldn’t keep the flame of Diya (lamp) towards Southern direction?
It is believed to be the death direction of Yama (God of Death). Yama is never worshipped in Hinduism.
Why is it necessary to remove cap from our head before praying to God?
When we pray, a divine energy from Bramharandhra (crevice in the crown of the head) is attracted to our body and to gain that energy we remove our cap.
Why shouldn’t one remove or collect litter with the help of broom in the evening?
It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth, Fortune and Prosperity) enter our house in the evening. Thus, cleaning with broom at evening is like insulting Goddess Lakshmi.
In same house why one should not keep and worship multiple idols of same god? (for example 2 Ganpati, 2 Shivlinga or 3 Goddesses etc.)
In Hinduism, people worship their parents as God. As there cannot be two parents, how can we worship multiple idols of same god!
Gayatri Mantra must be chanted by sitting on a mat? Why it should not be chanted while walking on a road or while doing other work?
Gayatri Mantra has an eternal importance. It is only fruitful when chanted with concentration and with full devotion and dedication. It is impossible to focus on chanting while driving a car or walking on a road or while doing other work.
Why one should not mix ghee and oil together in a diya (lamp) and offer it to God?
Ghee is Sattvic and pure in Nature, whereas Oil is Rajasicand impure in nature. If combined they will form Tamasic element and this could lead to unfortunate or ill-omened consequences.
Why should not we keep idols of God or their images facing to the South or facing each other?
It is believed that the waves of glory or reverence coming out of idols or images are propagated outwards and this could lead to enemy Dosha (fault, defect or enemy trouble).
Why should not one touch his or her forehead to the flower which was offered to Lord Vishnu?
Flower is counted as one of the sacred offerings to God. Once it is offered to God Vishnu, it attains immense power and Chaitanya (spiritual consciousness) coming out of the Lord Vishnu’s forehead. This power is unbearable and hence one should not touch that flower or put it on our forehead.
Why one must not share his or her prayer beads and meditationmat with others?
As we offer prayer or chant or meditate, prayer beads and meditation mats also get involved in our connection with the God. If we share them with others, others will gain from our prayers and we will miss the benefits of blessings.
Why we should never step over a person who is sleeping?

It is believed that sleeping body symbolizes or epitomizes Lord Shiva. One must not cross or step over the body as it is considered as the insult of Lord Shiva. 

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