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The consequences of Pournima (Full Moon) on mankind!

Do you know what is Pournima? Read effects of Full Moon day on mankind!

The incidence of Full Moon is the monthly event. There are various Moon phases or moon cycles, Pournima (Full Moon day) is one of the natural phase. It is said that the full moon affects the material world as well as human being as per astrology. The Moon is considered to be the lord of mind. The mind plays a major role in deciding the mode of the life of a person. Sound mind makes a person strong enough to face any untoward situation. It helps him to tide over any difficulty or impediments whereas weak mind push a person into heavy discontentment even in petty matters resulting in wrongful decisions.
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We are aware that the Moon is nearest to the Earth on the day of Pournima, causing substantial increase in gravitational force of the Earth. Owing to this, there is high tide and sudden surge in sea water. Once the full Moon event is over, the sea becomes quiet leading to the phenomenon called ebb (receding of sea water from its place).
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Pournima affects human body and its mind. The human body contents 70% of water or fluid, hence it is said that the position of Moon affects human body as in the case of sea. Human being is the combination of body and mind. That’s why if mind is sound, body also sound. Therefore our emotions gain momentum identical to the sea water level, on full Moon day. This becomes a regular feature of the mind on such days. The slightest of provocation can cause a major disaster.
It is, therefore advised to restrain one’s behavior as the status of Moon does have effect on human mind. Taking into consideration that stars do affect the human being, no one should resort to such things which may ultimately make them repent on the actions perpetrated earlier. Only sound mind can help mitigate the dangers of evil acts.
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Hence it is advised to undertake meditation, chanting of mantras or divine name of the God, worship to acquire mental peace.  Those already are on a spiritual path, certainly understand the existence of positive energy on the full Moon day and are required to convert this to their benefit. All are advised to control the emotions, avoid to take other’s insolence, rudeness to personal level, as they are also passing through the same phase.
Let us be alert and vigilant with the aforesaid information to keep effective control over our mind in order to achieve mental peace, as the sensitive and emotional persons are bound to suffer severely.

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