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Know Your Planets – The Sun (Ravi)

Do you what is nature and behavior of astrological planet, the sun? Read more about this planet!

The Sun is a king and most powerful of all the planets. Life is impossible without existence of the sun. The sun is the center of power and all the other planets revolve around him. Thus, the sun controls orbits of all the planets (grahas) around him. It controls and governs people with his power. In Hinduism, the sun is one of the major deities. This male planet, the sun represents power, royalty, and fame and is depicted to the soul (Aatma) of a living being.

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Astrologically, when the sun enters in any of the Rashis (astrological sign), he makes that person strong, dominant, and gives leading powers. The sun also gives him/her fame and prosperity. The person who has the sun in his Rashi, has leadership qualities and is successful in every field. He gives power to grant political power. The sun represents elements of ‘fire’. Fire signifies brightness. Thus he makes the person intelligent and bestows power to achieve his/her goals.
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There are three fundamental elements, which are Dhatu (metals), Moola (roots) and Jeeva (life). The sun is related to Moola. The sun’s own astrological sign is Leo (Simha). The friendly planets are Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangal) and Jupiter (Guru). That is, the sun in combination with his friendly planets definitely gives good results. If the sun is combined with its enemy planets like Venus and Saturn would definitely have bad effects. The sun rules heart, eye, head, and stomach of the body. Thus one can suffer from heart diseases, headaches, and baldness due to bad position of the sun on ones Kundali (astrological birth chart). Unfavorable position of the sun can cause physical as well as mental disorders.
Planet: The Sun (Ravi)
Rank of the Planet: First
Auspicious Day: Sunday
Colour: Bright Red, Orange
Element: Moola
Nature of the planet: Dominative, Aggressive and Respectful
Orbit time in each Rashi: 1 Month
Nakshtra: Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashadha and Krittika
Own Rashi (or Home Rashi): Leo (Simha)
Exalted Rashi (Good position): Aries (Mesha)
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Debilitated Rashi (Bad position): Libra (Tula)
Mooltrikona Rashi (gives good results): Leo (Simha)
Friendly Planets: The Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangal) and Jupiter (Guru)
Enemy Planets: Venus (Shukra), Saturn (Shani)
Neutral Planet: Mercury (Budh)
Astrological stone used: Ruby
Good placement of planet: Leadership qualities, Political power, Success and Posperity
Bad placement of planet: Health issues, mental stress, arrogance
Body parts ruled: Head, Eyes, Brain, Stomach, Lungs
Diseases caused by planet: Headache, Heart Problems, Eyesight Problems, Baldness
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